Listen to the voices of farmers - new series of Farmers´ testimonials on Pesticide reduction

Nine conventional farmers from 4 EU countries tell us why they reduced spraying – and which public support is needed to do so. With this action, GFGF highlight the voices of progressive farmers and counter the Europeans Peoples Party EEP´s attack against the Green Deal.

The truth is: A growing number of farmers recognize the negative impact of the agrochemical industry and pesticides on their health and long-term success.

Many conventional farmers have already voluntarily reduced pesticide use, despite the limited support from public authorities. By learning about their experience, more farmers across Europe can be empowered to adopt sustainable, agro-ecological farming practices. A strong pesticide regulation (SUR) with binding reduction targets and structure for public support can thus liberate farmers trapped in an industrial system. 

Listen to the voices of farmers. They are fed up with pesticides and this is the support they call for in order to reduce spraying:

🌱 Independent advisory services for informed decisions
💰 Financial support for the transition
🌾 Peer-to-peer exchanges in groups
🏆 Recognition of integrated pest management (IPM)
🌿 Access to diverse agronomic alternatives


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