Result Based Payment Schemes

Устойчиво териториално и екологично развитие на селските райони

Result-based payments is a relatively new approach for CAP support, where farmers or landowners receive payments for achievement of a specific ecological result. These results-based approaches offer farmers the flexibility to use their knowledge and experience to manage the land in a way that delivers the environmental outcome/result (e.g. biodiversity, carbon storage, water regulation) alongside their food and fibre production activities .

The farmer is in principle free to do what fits the site, the weather of the year, the farm and her or his own situation - it is only the environmental results counts. 

STEP is a coordinator of the Result-based payment network for BulgariaSTEP follows the achieved results in countries and regions, where this approach is implemented in the last decade and extracts important for Bulgaria lessons. In addition, STEP advocates for their pilot testing in Bulgaria through the CAP instruments in the current period – the Bulgarian Strategic plan of CAP 2023-2027.  

Information for the Result-based payment network you can find on their website: