People across Europe demand better food systems! – video

As the European Commission is expected to publish a proposal for a Sustainable Food Systems Law (SFS) in the fall, Good Food Good Farming launched Food for Talk: days of dialogue that highlight the voices of farmers, fishers, activists and citizens. In a participatory video, the movement now calls for #GoodFood4EU through an ambitious law proposal.

Since its announcement in 2020, the SFS has been termed the flagship initiative of the Farm to Fork Strategy. Stakes are high as a strong law could align all future agri-food policies (such as the CAP) and set crosscutting, ambitious standards. The SFS will also set a definition for sustainable food systems and provide further guidelines on public procurement, food environments and labeling.

While Commission officials take their time to work on the SFS proposal, Europe´s citizens are stirring up something big! During May 2023, 11 different organisations across Europe held a Food for Talk visit and started a discussion on sustainable food systems. By coming together at a farm (Ireland), bakery (Bulgaria), fishery (Denmark), hospital canteen (Germany) and many more meaningful places, people exchanged their views on good food and farming.

The participants started with a guided tour around place. Later, they exchanged perspectives and co-created political demands for EU decision-makers to listen. The visits and demands are on the video, find out what farmers, producers, activists and citizens have to say. 

If you want to support a sustainable food system transformation, share the video above to make sure the European Commission delivers a strong Sustainable Food Systems Law! You can directly retweet the video via Twitter or find more information at