RUR’UP:”Innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas”

European universities and NGOs will work together to increase knowledge of the peripheral rural areas of the Old Continent. The RUR’UP project: “Innovative education for sustainable development in peripheral rural areas”, funded by the Erasmus + program, aims to promote innovative interventions for sustainable development in mountainous and other marginalized rural areas. This will happen through the development of educational materials and learning activities based on the specifics of these places.

The challenge of the project is the involvement of 7 universities from Bulgaria (UNWE), Greece, France, Finland, Romania, Ireland and Croatia in the development of e-learning modules with the help of key actors and stakeholders from the peripheral regions to provide students with adapted educational materials, and farmers with insights of grassroots innovations.

In addition, the project will:

- Assess what skills and competencies are needed for graduating students to find a job and develop successfully;

- Create academic material focusing on the needs for sustainable development of peripheral areas;

- Engages teachers in training in new teaching methods;

- Organizes an international summer school with teachers, researchers and students from Europe.

As an associate partner of the project, STEP plays an important role in establishing the relationship between stakeholders, as well as supporting and sharing good practices and education.

Why is this important? Peripheral areas have a crucial role to play in achieving vitality in European rural areas and contribute to their sustainable development. This maintains and improves environment, rural heritage, biological diversity and simultaneously improves socio-economic conditions.

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