Participation in the 2014 Annual meeting of LAG Berkovitsa-Godech

STEP experts participated at the Local Action Group (LAG) "MIG - Berkovitsa - Godech" community forum for presentation and discussion of the results of the implementation of their Local Development Strategy (LDS). (СРМ).

The forum was held on December 05, 2014, in the town of Berkovitza, children's center "Kambanka" (Bell). A variety of stakeholders - farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs, representatives of NGOs and local community cultural centers, local government representatives from the municipalities of Godech and Berkovitza, supporters and guests of the LAG Berkovitza – Godech attended the event.

The hosts presented an analysis of the LAG work including many good examples and practices of projects’ implementation in the LAG territory. Agriculture producers and entrepreneurs shared their experience in projects’ implementation financed by the measures of the Local Development Strategy, as well as projects’ results and future intentions and plans.

STEP experts, Vyara Stefanova and Mariya Yunakova presented STEP team, the objectives and activities, timetable and expected results of the project "Partnership for nature-friendly management of the pastures", funded under NGO Programme in Bulgaria under the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA) 2009 - 2014. They highlighted the interest and spirit of the good partnership between local authorities, farmers and livestock breeders as well as LAG team in the project’s implementation in Godech municipality.

Local market and exhibition was also organized to demonstrate local products, goods and services produced by the projects financed under the measures of the LAG Berkovitza - Godech.

Photos from the 2014 Annual working meeting of LAG Berkovitsa-Godech