United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) Parallel Session: Mobile Pastoralism Valuing Rangeland Variability

On July 26, UNFSS  is organizing a parallel session on Mobile Pastoralism Valuing Rangeland Variability.

Register for the event at this link bit.ly/3xvbQa2 and learn why it is necessary for UNFSS to adopt a global initiative for mobile pastoralism valuing rangeland variability and vote for it!

A highly variable natural environment is now increasingly understood as the norm. Mobile pastoral systems provide lessons for producing food by working with a variable nature. These systems are operated by about half a bilion people today, who are users and stewards of rangelands that cover an estimated 54% of the world's land surface. Conversion of these ecosystems to forest or cropland is unsustainable and misguided.

Movement of livestock (mobility) through rangelands maintains ecological processes and sustains production. High-value protein offered by nature-based livestock products improves the nutrition of the vast majority of people in the world. If pastoral systems are to take their sustainable strategies into the future, a fundamental change in attitudes, perceptions and policies is needed. Many governments are moving in this direction, and pastoralists continue to innovate to ensure sustainable production and consumption.

This parallel session will increase understanding of the world's rangelands and pastoralists for sustainability and achievement of the SDGs. It will bring the voices of pastoralists from around the globe to the UNFSS and call on it to adopt a game-changing global initiative that values mobile pastoralism and rangeland variability.