SDC Food Systems Dialogues – from April 27th to June 8th 2021

This year 2021 is with key role for agriculture and food security. The United Nations Food Systems Summit (FSS) is part of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

So far, efforts to encourage rapid and joint actions that transform food systems have been hampered by deep disagreements among different stakeholders. That's why the secretariat of the Food Systems Summit has set up standardized Food Systems Dialogues as a preparation activity for the summit.  These multi-stakeholder dialogues aim to increase participation and contribute to a common understanding of priorities.

In Switzerland, the Federal Office for Agriculture organized national food systems dialogues. On the other hand, SDC is involved in a broad range of activities in food systems in developing and transition countries as well as in emerging economies, and it is in a unique position to mobilize a broad range of potential dialogue participants from all its partner countries and organizations. This is why SDC decided to host a series of independent food systems dialogues via its Agriculture and Food Security (A&FS) Network in the period from April 27th to June 8th 2021.

A total of 290 participants from 69 countries around the world participated and jointly reflected on 12 visions around food systems in two dialogues and in three different languages  - English, French, Spanish. They submitted ideas to take action and reach that vision in light of the 2030 agenda.

Each dialogue took place in 2 rounds, round one was focused on engaging participants topically, while round 2 focused on defining pathways for action.

Videos from the 2 rounds can be seen below:

Source: SDC Agriculture and Food Security Network