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HNV Link project final conference

STEP experts and partners, participating in the HNV Link project from Western Stara Planina Learing area attended the final conference of the project in Montpellier, France. More  than 130 experts, researchers, farmers, representatives of EU  and national institutions, NGOs, etc.,  discussed the challenges faced by the High Nature Value (HNV) farming and the need of joined actions and innovations for securing its continuation and future development.


HNV-Link project final conference

The HNV-Link project final conference  will be held on 31 January 2019 in Montpellier, France.

The main objectives of the conference are:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of HNV farming to the society (environmentally, socially and economically) and of the role of innovation in sustaining it;

  • To share HNV-Link's achievements, learnings and recommendations, e.g. on how to boost HNV farming viability, design/implement CAP Strategic Plans, allocate public funds (ERDF, ESF), etc.;


Bulgarian innovations for High Nature Value farming from HNV-Link project were presented on the International scientific conference „European agriculture and food chain value: dynamics and innovations“

Yanka Kazakova, HNV-Link project coordinator for Bulgaria, presented Bulgarian innovations for High Nature Value farming from Western Stara Planina Learning area at the international scientific conference „European agriculture and food chain value: dynamics and innovations“.  The event that took place between 22 and 24 October 2018, gathered representatives from research intitutions, business, and administration in the field of agriculture, to discuss the challenges for the development of the agriculture and the food  chain. The discussions and the presentations were focused on the  develop


Workshop „CAP at a Crossroads: Unity in Sustainability Makes Strength”

A high level workshop „CAP at a Crossroads: Unity in Sustainability Makes Strength” was held on 4th July in the National museum “Earth and Man” in Sofia. The workshop was focused on practical examples and lessons learnt from nature conservation projects on agricultural land and  new CAP proposals for the future (post 2020). More than 70 representatives of different stakeholders participated in the conference organized by NABU and Birdlife.


Conference "Reglations on the table: supporting traditional agricultural production" in Skopje

Yanka Kazakova and Vyara Stefanova from  STEP participated in the conference "Regulations on the table:supporting traditional agricultural production“, held in Skopje on 31 May .2018 г. P articipants of the cconference were farmers, administrative authorities, NGOs,  etc. from  Macedonia. The conference was organized by  Slow Food Bitola in the framework of the "From the field to the table" project. 

Ya nka Kazakova presented HNVF Bulgarian  market innovations examples gathered by  HNV Link proect, that can be used for connservation of the  traditional agricultural production. .


Innovation fair for high nature value farming

The first ever Innovation Fair for High Nature Value farmland areas took place on 2-4 October in Montemor-O-Novo, Portugal. This is a real highlight of the HNV-Link project and a culmination of many months of work in 10 Learning Areas.


Presentations from the workshop on the HNV Link project - "High Nature Value Agriculture: Training, Innovation and Knowledge", held on 2 June 2017. In the village of Spanchevtsi, Varshets Municipality

На 2 юни 2017 г.  в село Спанчевци, община Вършец се проведе работна среща за обсъждане на визия за развитие на земеделие с висока природна стойност и необходими иновации за нейното осъществяване в „район на знанието“  по проект НNV Link – „Земеделие с Висока Природна Стойност: Обучение, Иновации и Знания“ , финансиран по програма Хоризонт 2020 на ЕС.  Районът на знанието по проекта за България обхваща пет общини от  Западна Стара планина – Берковица, Вършец, Годеч, Георги Дамяново и Чипровци.


Innovation Workshop on HNV Link - High Nature Value Agriculture: Training, Innovation and Knowledge"

Екипът на Сдружение за териториален и екологичен просперитет (СТЕП)  организира работна среща за иновации по проект НNV Link - Земеделие с Висока Природна Стойност: Обучение, Иновации и Знания“, финансиран по програма Хоризонт 2020 на ЕС. Срещата ще се състои на 2 юни от 12:00 до 17:00 часа в почивната база „Минкови бани”, село Спанчевци, община Вършец


Innovations to support high nature value agricultural practices

Експерти на СТЕП (Вяра Стефанова, Янка Казакова и Мария Юнакова) участваха на 27.04.2017г. в Кръгла маса "Куртово Конаре мисли устойчиво", която се проведе в залата на Народно Читалище „Любен Каравелов 1897“, село Куртово Конаре, община Стамболийски.