Recruitment and training of volunteers

Recruitment and training of volunteers for activities under the project "Partnership for environmentally friendly pasture management"

During the implementation of Project “Partnership for Natural Pasture Management” /funded in the framework of the NGO programme in Bulgaria under the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism  2009-2014/, our team recruits and offers training to volunteers for preserving natural resources and biodiversity.

We believe the future of rural areas is in the hands of young people and we work for creating conditions and suitable environment for their advance. On the other hand volunteering is an opportunity for active civil stand expression, participation in the change and development of civil society and establishing joint relations. We know that together we can do more and precisely because of this we wish to interest you also as volunteers for the activities of our Society. The current announcement sets the beginning of a volunteer recruitment campaign for young people, aiming to accomplish concrete project activities. In relation to this we also organize a training on transferring knowledge, skills and experience to young people about volunteering and encourage their communication with rural communities. The main subject will be “NATURAL PASTURE MANAGEMENT”.

The training is planned for April 30th at 10:00 AM, “Vitosha” Park Hotel, Sofia, 1, “Rossario” Str., /between UNWE and TU/. The training is free of charge, coffee-breaks, lunch and transport for the participants from the country included. The syllabus of the training comprises of two subject sessions: 1) Pasture management from the forage quality standpoint; 2) Pasture management from the biodiversity preservation standpoint and discussions.

Any motivated active individual, regardless of sex, education, political views, religious beliefs and ethnic awareness may become part of the STEP volunteer network. For that purpose one needs to send us a filled APPLICATION for STEP volunteer to the following e-mail address: or fill the application and hand it over. Following the accomplishment of the volunteer initiatives under the “Partnership for Natural Pasture Management” Project each volunteer will receive a Certificate for Participation. 

For additional information and contact you may turn to the Coordinator for work with volunteers: Maria Peneva